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What is Premium account | How to get Premium account

No ads!

Premium account have disabled commercial ads.

More colors

More avatars

Support developers :)

You will add energy to developers, so they can use it to create new drawing game.

How to get Premium account

Currently two ways how to get a premium account for website exist.

1) Buy a Premium in our Android application

  1. Download the android application.
  2. Connect the application to your existing account (same account as on website, you can use Facebook or Google to sign in).
  3. Buy a premium version of Android application.
  4. Your account will be switched to Premium (on Android as well as on the website).
  5. Logout and login on the website to apply changes.

2) Send us a postcard

  1. Get a postcard!
  2. Buy a stamp. Make sure it is valid for Czech Republic, Europe.
  3. Write us something nice and don't forget to sign with your nickname!
  4. Send the postcard by regular mail to our address.

When we get a postcard from you, we'll set up your account to Premium for one year since the delivery.

If you don't want to wait until your postcard is delivered, you can take a selfie showing you sending a postcard to us clearly, Send it to us via Facebook, Instagram ( @letsdrawitgame ) or email ( [email protected] ). We will give you one month of Premium account as soon as possible which will be hopefully enough for postcard to be delivered.

Postcard will be shown on your profile, others will be able to see it, if your profile is public, of course.

We love getting postcards showing various places of the World over Hello Kitty ones

Already delivered postcards.