LetsDrawIt Premium account

Sometimes we give you few Premium account for free on our facebook page as limited offer. Subscribe our facebook page and wait for our offer or read how to buy below.

Currently exists only one way, how to get a premium account for website. You have to use Android application:

  1. Download the android application.
  2. Connect the application with your existing account (same account as on website, you can use Facebook or Google sign in).
  3. Buy a premium version of Android application.
  4. Your account became Premium (also on the website).
  5. Logout and login on the website.

We are planning to support website payment methods in future. Are you interested in a premium account, but you don't have an android device? Let me know on letsdrawitgame@gmail.com.

More colors

More avatars

No ads!

Premium account have disabled commercial ads.

Support developers :)

You will add energy to developers, so they can use it to create new drawing game.